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Information about our product
HEMOPURE purifies blood from within, eliminating the toxins that cause
acne and blemishes. HEMOPURE's combination of unique herbal extracts
including Ginger, Haldi, Daru haldi Guduchi and Karela keep your skin
pimple free and glowing naturally. HEMOPURE also checks nose bleeding,
cures constipation, corrects indigestion and helps you stay slim and
smart. So go ahead and experience HEMOPURE's 21 Days change. HEMOPURE
helps in bringing it to normal healthy state by reducing the toxins
from the blood, thus helps in removing the ill effects of impure blood
in different skin infection.

KOFFOUT is a polyherbal formulation containing ingredients with
expectorant, mucolytic, bronchorelaxant, respiratory demulcent and
antitussive actions. KOFFOUT facilitates easy expectoration while
soothing the respiratory passages. KOFFOUT exhibits mild antiseptic
properties and therefore can be co-prescribed along with
antibacterials or when cough due to bacterial infection is suspected.
KOFFOUT does not cause sedation and it is non-addictive as well as

NEFRO-GEN is a fast acting formula. NEFRO-GEN establishes the
synergism of various herb constituents and thus corrects abnormalities
and prevents the process of calculi formation, simultaneously toning
the renal system. NEFRO-GEN acts as stone inhibitors, thus reducing
the risk of precipitation and calculi formation. NEFRO-GEN promptly
relieves the symptoms of urinary disorders, by acting as potent
diuretic. NEFRO-GEN thus improves the tone of the urinary bladder. It
takes very less time comparison to other medicines to treat urinary

Prostafit is a safe Herbo-mineral supplement that besides supporting
the prostate health also tones up the whole Uro-genital tract.
Prostafit also maintains regular timely flow of urine as well as
nourishes the reproductive tissue.
Supports Prostate health, Helps reduce the size of enlarged prostate.
Helps reduce symptoms related with prostate enlargement like repeated
and frequent urge to urinate ,difficulty in controlling the urge to
pass urine, sensation of Bladder fullness even after passing urine,
obstruction of the urine. It tones up the muscles of urinary tract for
better functioning, balances male sex hormone like Testosterone, helps
prevent abnormal conversion of testosterone into Di-hydroxy
testosterone (DHT) possibly by inhibiting enzyme 5-alpha-reductase. It
nourishes reproductive tissue (shukra dhatu) and uplifts depressed

The herbal ingredients in Qurs relax soften the stool and enhance
intestinal motility, which relieve acute and chronic constipation
effectively. Due to its anti-constipation property, it assists
excretion without disturbing the fluid-electrolyte balance (mineral
and water balance) in the body. Qurs relax is non-habit forming and
does not result in physiological dependence. Qurs relax is also a
carminative that treats indigestion and stimulates the
gastrointestinal tract.



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