Ярмарка 2014 Индия

Held in early November in the beautiful Rajasthani town of Pushkar, this famous fair could almost be described as a KumbhMela of camels and cattle. Around 50,000 slobbering beasts dressed in their finest ‘coats’ come to town accompanied by thousands of pilgrims and traders, but with masses of musicians, acrobats, and mystics there’s more than just ships of the desert to this fair.


The Pushkar Camel Fair is scheduled from 28th October till 5th of November.

The Pushkar Camel Festival is arguably the most colorful gathering of humanity and livestock on this planet, and attracts large numbers of international and Indian tourists. The Rajasthan government hosts a number of ethnic cultural events (such as Rajasthani dances) to coincide with the Fair.

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 Cost 500 USD per person for 3 days. Delhi – Pushkar – Delhi

 Pushkar Fair Itinerary

Oct 28th through Nov 1st: Pushkar Cattle Fair. This is when most of the Pushkar Fair activities with the villagers, camels, horses and other cattle will take place - the cattle trading, sponsored camel races, as well as various other shows and competitions. The best days are going to be the October 31st and November 1st, so we have designed most of our tour itineraries to be in Pushkar during these days.

Nov 2nd through Nov 4th: Pushkar Cultural Fair. This is when all the government sponsored cultural activities will take place. There will be folk dance shows, music performances, and other similar activities. Please bear in mind that you will get to experience (much more comfortably) similar performances at a number of the hotels we use during your exploration of India.

Nov 5th: Pushkar Festival. This is the Holy Day of the Fair and thousands of Hindu pilgrims will take a dip in the holy lake at Pushkar.




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